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Watch as we put your dream look on display. We are statement mavericks, on a mission to target and design your deepest fashion fantasies. We are open for customization cause there’s no better item than an item you brought to life. Our fit is petite, or flyspeck, slim or curvy. We take chances and our independence sets us apart. Follow our craze, enjoy your bliss, now Shop, exhale…




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We hope you're having a productive New Year so far! Stay tuned for exciting new things coming to #ShopExhale
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"Cheetah Made Me" only at www.ShopExhale.comNEWNESS! What do you think of these? Coming soon to www.ShopExhale.comHow do you wear your Converse? HAPPY SHOPPING! www.ShopExhale.com
Good morning! Tag your close friends!Which color should we customize next?? www.ShopExhale.comREPOSTED FROM @followdee @followdee @followdee @followdee To all you beautiful people. Life is a beautiful thing, sometimes we forget the little things; the breath we breathe each morning, the flowers that bloom, baby's yawning, fresh picked fruit. It's the little things that make this beautiful life we live so meaningful but do you stop an notice the small itty bitty things? The things we take for granted. The things we forgot. Just be encouraged that God is in it all. Even when we don't realize, even when we are unsure. He's with you, always and forever. To the moon and back. He wants to show you his love in the little things. So take a moment and stop to smell the flowers, to say "I love you" every chance you get, to dance in the rain, to laugh till you cry, to hug often, smile even more, compliment people. And most of all to give thanks. Have a great day #ShopExhale followers & customers. We love you all.
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Happy Shopping www.ShopExhale.comHappy Shopping!Check out @julia__fashionista rocking her "Spring Fling" Converse from #ShopExhale www.ShopExhale.com

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